Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Generally, a nice, firm oil massage with a Thai herbal balm. This massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the deeper muscles and the connective tissue or fascia. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals experiencing consistent pain, those involved in heavy physical activity, and athletes and patients with chronic, or recurrent injury. Your massage will be on a massage table (220 kg capability), and the therapist will use their hands, elbows, feet and a bit of stretching during the massage.
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Thai Combination Massage

A medium pressure oil massage with a Thai herbal balm. Thai Combination is a combination of stretching and Swedish massage to relieve stiffness and reduce stress from your routine activities.
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Traditional Thai Massage

This is dry massage. No oils used. You will enjoy the experience of a world heritage Traditional Thai massage with a qualified, experienced therapists. The therapist will use pressure, compression, and stretching, using their elbow, thumb, palms, knees, and feet during the massage. The results of this massage will increase your wellbeing and vitality through the loosening of tight muscles.

We supply loose fitting clothing for our clients, and you will enjoy the massage on a big wooden, comfortable bed.

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